Rigging in Maya | Quick Start Part One

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First part of the workshop where you will upgrade your basic rigging skills to a professional level, even if you have never created a character rig!

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It's not just another course.

The workshop program is designed in such a way that you don't just learn the basics of rigging using simple abstract examples, but immediately practice creating a rig taken from a real project, a promo video from Action Method studio.

At the same time, you adopt the experience accumulated by the author, using the methods and tools used in production.

Workshop author: Anton Parygin

- 3D animator and rigger from Kazakhstan
- In the CG industry for over 10 years
- Experience in advertising, film, VR
- Founder of RiggingPRO Community
- Founder of Action Method studio
- Author of rigging tutorials on youtube channel RiggingPRO
- Mentor

Who this course is for:

• for beginner riggers who want to level up and strengthen their knowledge base
• for professionals in their field (animator, modeler, etc.) who want to expand their range of activities and master the related profession of a rigger
• for beginners in 3D, who want to master rigging as their main specialty
• for those who want to create rigs in animation projects and game development


★ We have been teaching Russian language for 4 years, now also in English!
★ More than 200 satisfied students
★ Lots of positive feedback and enthusiasm from students!
★ Students work at Wizart Animation, DragonFly, Studio KAPI, Platoshka, also freelance on interesting projects
★ Also involved in the development of indie games

As a result of completing first part of the course:

✔ Customize your Maya interface
✔ Speed up your rigging workflow
✔ Learn how to prepare a model for rigging
✔ Learn how to create cartoon deformations
✔ Learn to create a setup with various tools and methods
✔ Learn how to create procedural animation with MASH
✔ Learn how to create animator-friendly controls
✔ Learn how to structure a rig and prepare for animation

Rocket Rig demo by Anastasia Plotnikova during the first part of course.

As a result of completing two parts of the course:

At the end of the workshop, you will be able to rig production-quality characters and props from scratch, which will allow you to take freelance or get a job as a rigger in the studio.

Student demo reels of our course

Rigging in Maya | Quick Start Student Rigging Demoreel 2023

Rigging in Maya | Quick Start Student Rigging Demoreel 2022

A strong Demo Reel will help you find a job as a rigger in a studio or attract freelance clients.


The first part of the course is completely translated into English and has English voiceover.

You can check out course sample with English voiceover.

Translation into English of the second part started in January 2024.
You can pre-order the second part of the course with a 50% discount until February 29.

Here you can see the program of the second part

Rigging in Maya | Quick Start | Part Two

Attention! You can't go straight to the second part!

First, you must purchase the first part, or purchase the entire course (two parts). Because in the second part of the course, you will use the scripts and settings from the first part. Also, without the knowledge from the first part, it will be difficult for you to complete the second part.

How is the training going?

In English the workshop is currently only available in a Self-study version without Mentor feedback.

After the purchase, a serial number will be sent to your email for watching protected videos in a special StarForce player.

Course requirements

— Basic knowledge of Maya
— Familiar with the basics of rigging
— Autodesk Maya 2018 — 2022

The workshop week by week | Part One

Week 1: Maya customization, 3d model preparation

• Fundamentals of Maya architecture required for rigging
• Scripts installation
• Creation icons on the shelf
• Customizing Hotbox
• Creating your Marking Menu
• Overview of May9 Pro
• Creating your own hotkeys
• Installation custom settings by Anton Parygin
• Preparing the model for rigging
• Creating a rig hierarchy

Week 2: Set up wings, eyes and eyelids

Rigging Wings
• Bend and twist setup
• Creation of controls

Rigging Eyes
• Eyelid setup with joints, constraints and Driven key
• Fast skinning using standard tools and plugins
• 2d pupil rig
• IK\FK eye rig
• Creation of additional eyelid deformations using non-linear deformers

Week 3: Feather and fire setup and squash-stretch setup

Rigging using MASH Network
• Geometry preparation, joints creation, skinning
• Creation controls
• Connecting the rig to MASH
• Fire twist setup

Squash-Stretch Rig
• Setup based on Lattice deformer
• Fix double transformations
• Adding other controls to the squash setup

Week 4: Structuring the rig, preparing for animation

Structuring the rig
• Checking the rig, constraining wings and fire to the main rig
• Setup of display modes and geometry selection
• Hide and Lock unnecessary attributes on controls and groups

Preparing for animation
• Creation of Sets: Selection Set, Character Set
• Adding new features to animation controls

Working materials. What's included?

You get access to custom Maya settings that the author prepared for the students of this Workshop.

Summary for each lecture

Usually you watch a video lesson in courses, you start creating rig and you have to watch the video several times. It is too long. Therefore, the author was not too lazy and made Summary of each lecture for you, in which all the actions are spelled out. And at any time you can quickly find the material you need without reviewing the video.

Hotkey List

You will get settings for Maya with a set of hotkeys. Also, this set will include a table with a list of these hotkeys, so that at any time you can see and remember which command is assigned to which key.

3d model from a real project

You will get a 3d model from a real project, which the author used in his studio's promotional video.

What's included with package ?

★ Pre-recorded 4 lectures (English voiceover and English subtitles)
Pre-recorded 4 video tutorials with extra topics (English voiceover and English subtitles)
11h 31m total length of lessons
All course assets (models, rigs, scripts, settings)
All videos in HD 1080p mp4 at 30Fps

Also 4 recordings of QA sessions (in Russian with automatic YouTube subtitles)

The first part of the course is completely translated into English and has English voiceover.


Ray Lunardon – 3D Junior Artist

"I'm into rigging since a while and I'm looking for good teachers in order to get the best skill I could for my career in rigging. I hoped not to waste time on basics of rigging because I though I knew them well, but I'm happily surprised since Anton don't cover the classic basics, but shows and explains different methods and tricks in order to achieve the same result in different ways with different approaches."

Melissa Mercanti – 3d generalist

"Today I'm very satisfied with the choice because I found a professional and comprehensive training. In my studies, I have never seen a course on Rigging as complete as yours. The lessons are carefully designed, starting from the basics of Rigging to the most advanced theories.

The teacher guides you step by step through the creation of the rig and in the extra material he shows you how to rig more advanced characters. For each lesson there is additional material (rigs, scripts, and advanced tutorials) a dream for all 3D artists!

Many thanks to Anton and RiggingPro for giving me the opportunity to continue my passion for rigging. Congratulations for the teaching method, it makes a complex subject so clear and simple. Everything is wonderful. I am happy to have learned such a cool profession."

Evgeny Gorlatov – 3d rigger

"After completing the course, I got the base of the right rig, I understood why I need to do it this way and not the way I used to do it. Also, I am no longer afraid to enter the node editor and I feel more confident in the node system. And also MASH is now for me not just 4 letters, but a specific tool that is limited by your imagination"

Nelly Savelyeva – 3D artist

"Many thanks to Anton for the opportunity to get an abyss of useful information! I went through both of his workshops and now use a lot in my work. The courses were extremely rich, this is for those who clearly know that he needs it. But you won't regret it. Starting from the basics - to rather complex setups. And everything is detailed, methodical. There are also summaries! This is downright rare. If you then forget something, you can look there, they are perfectly structured and easy to navigate. A branded shelf with scripts is now always with me. And many scripts turned out to be useful not only in the rig."

Egor Nesmeyanov – 3D artist

"I really liked the presentation of the material, the lectures are not boring to listen to, Anton tells the material very cheerfully. I also liked how detailed and deeply Maya is studied, for this separate respect. Before the workshop, I was able to rig something in Advanced Skeleton, but I felt that there was not enough BASE! At the end of the first part, the puzzle began to take shape in my head 😁 I can recommend it to everyone who is engaged or wants to rigging"

Alexander Gorchakov – 3d rigger

"Working on the RiggingPro course was very fruitful and interesting for me. After the course, I gained more confidence than before in my skills and abilities in Rigging. On the course, the material is presented soundly - everything is clear and understandable, and the video is duplicated by summary in text form, which is very convenient!"

Do you have any questions?

Contact Anton Parygin for details: Facebook / Telegram /Instagram

Rigging in Maya | Quick Start | Part Two

Translation into English of the second part is planned from January 2024.
You can pre-order the second part of the course with a 50% discount until February 29.

Here you can see the program of the second part

Rigging in Maya | Quick Start | Part Two
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