Mirror FK Controls v1.2.2

Anton Parygin
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MEL script for Maya. Ideal for mirroring FK controls (NURBS Curves).


  • Mirror hierarchy of controls like standart Mirror Joint tool with Behavior mirror function.
    Just select first control or group, no need select hierarhcy.
  • Works correctly with objects without freezing transformations. Don't freeze transformations of your controls!
  • Prefix/suffix autodetection.
    Script defines the following prefixes/suffixes: 'l, r', 'L, R', 'Left, Right', 'left, right', 'lf, rt', 'LF, RT' 'ls, rs' 'LS, RS', 'ls, rs'.
    The script will define them in any part of the name of the control. For example: 'L_shoulder_ctrl', or 'Shoulder_L_ctrl', or 'Shoulder_ctrl_L'.
  • Autosave custom prefix/suffix
    Also you can write your custom prefix or suffix. The script will remember them until the next change.
    For a better definition, I advise you to write them with an underscore. For example: 'Left_' or '_Left' or '_Left_'.
  • Autosave last changes in UI: prefix/suffix and mirror Axis.

The script is tested and works with Maya 2018-2023

I will appreciate any your feedback and suggestions: antonparygin@gmail.com

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Mirror FK Controls v1.2.2

8 ratings
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